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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Six figure Blogger David Risley gives us Great Insight into becoming successful at Blogging.


From Innovative Social Media

This morning I listened to David Risley’s podcast of his Six Figure Blogger Blueprint, which I really enjoyed.
You can pick up a copy of the .PDF and Mp3 by signing up for David’s Newsletter.
The main thing I took away from the Six Figure Blogger Blueprint was that most bloggers suck at marketing, and that is why most fail at becoming a successful blogger.
Risley lays it on the line in this podcast and explains that to make money as a blogger you have to think of blogging as a business.

Below are the 25 most important points that I took away from the Blueprint:

1. Sell your own products.

2. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, i.e. don’t just rely on ads for monetization.

3. Be an Internet Publisher, not just a blogger. Publishers make money.

4. Risley makes $15,000 x $20,000 a month, sometimes more.

5. A blog builds attention and generates leads (email subscribers).

6. Once leads are generated give them great free value and don’t be afraid to sell to them.

7. Leverage the social web (Your blog is the hub, social media, youtube, etc, are the spokes.)

8. Sell to those with fears or desire.

9. Talk about what you know, and what people care about

10. Create an ideas file for ideas of new blog posts.

11. Whatever you market focus on your benefits.

12. Market to emotions, but provide solid reasons for purchasing people can use to justify the expense.

13. People want to be: Rich, Thin, and Beautiful, so target your marketing at these desires.

14. Over half of Risley’s annual income comes leveraging from his email list.

15. Send cool non-blog (exclusive) free stuff to your list to make your leads feel special.

16. Use Tube Mogul and distribute videos to all channels.

17. Get the All in one SEO plugin for WordPress.

18. Google Adsense = The Blogger Welfare Program.

19. Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make cash if you don’t have your own products (or even if you do).

20. Get the Max Blog Press Ninja Affiliate WordPress Plugin.

21. Aweber has a great Affiliate Program with monthly payouts.

22. Set up an Affiliate Program.

23. Google Sitemaps Plugin.

24. Develop Pillar content, and submit it to aggregators like Ezine Articles.

25. Create backup content so you always have fresh stuff on the blog to keep people coming back.

Another notable point is that the only Blogger David Risley references in this Blueprint is another one of my favorite bloggers, Yaro Starak. Yaro is the chief Blogger over and owner of Entrepreneurs Journey and the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint…but that’s another post.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Internet Marketing Tips For Beginners

Are you looking to become an Internet marketer? If so I imagine, like all beginners, you are struggling to get started. This is probably the hardest part of starting any online business and when you look for help and support online all you find are so called ‘gurus’ who just want to take your money. Do not let this put you off as there has never been a better time to earn an income online. Whether it be a second income to treat the family or even just to help during this poor economical climate. You could even build toward a full time income and quit that job you dislike so much and give you more time to do the things you want. Whatever your reasons I hope that my top 5 Internet marketing tips for beginners will help you.
Internet Marketing Tips For Beginners No.1: Find A Niche

The first and most important step to Internet marketing is to find a niche. This needs to be something within a market that people are already searching for online but where the need is greater than the resources available. This may sound complicated but this simply means to find something in high demand with low competition. This can be done by researching keywords within your market using tools such as the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. This will give you variations of your keywords and phrases along with average monthly searches and a level of competition. Research is key as there is no point going into a niche that does not have people searching for it. No matter how good an idea may seem to you, if the numbers don’t stack up then forget it and move on.
Internet Marketing Tips For Beginners No.2: Find A Product

Once you have researched and found a good niche to begin marketing in you will obviously need a product to sell. You can of course create your own product within that niche and begin marketing it online however as a beginner I imagine you’re thinking ‘how do I do that?’. No problem, because you do not have to create you own product. I would recommend that you become an affiliate to an already proven product. This simply means that you will be marketing someone else’s product for them and taking a commission for you troubles. This way you do not need to worry about creating a product, packaging, shipping, refunds, customer services etc. Your job simply is to drive traffic to the product using your internet marketing skills and knowledge and collect your commission. Affiliate programs can pay anything from 10-70%, sometimes more so it is a great way to start earning money online. Again though I would advise thorough research in the product as you do not want to be selling something that people will be unhappy with as this could damage your reputation as a marketer.
Internet Marketing Tips For Beginners No.3: Become An Authority

Becoming an authority within your niche is crucial. People are far more likely to buy from you if you are displaying good valuable content and seen as an authority. It is important to add personality and to build a relationship with your leads and prospects. This way they are more likely to come back to you and buy your products. The best way to become an authority is to create your own authority website or blog site. This is where you can give reports or reviews of the products you are marketing. You can do this through your blog using articles or video reviews.
strategy for a blog plan
Internet Marketing Tips For Beginners No.4: Build A List

You may have already heard the term ‘The money is in the list’, well this is very true. Building an email list of targeted subscribers will make it far easier to build a good relationship with your prospects. The best way to do this is to include an opt-in form on your website. This is often followed up with a free gift or offer to provide value to your subscribers immediately. Once you have built a list of targeted followers within your niche you will be able to continue to provide value to your prospects by broadcasting regularly with your latest blogs, videos and reviews and more importantly your products. Another great way to build your list is to use lead capture pages or squeeze pages. This is basically a single page website delivering your free offer or gift and clearly displaying your opt-in form. There are various ways to drive traffic to this page for free such as using social media marketing, video marketing and article marketing.
Internet Marketing Tips For Beginners No.5: Be Consistent

Once you have your website set up, you are getting a constant flow of traffic and your list is building it is important to be consistent with your content, particularly in the beginning. It is extremely rare for someone to buy from you the very first time they visit your site so if you can keep them coming back to fresh new content that will give value to that person then you are far more likely to generate a regular income and be a far more successful Internet marketer.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Ten of the best ... ways to make money from your desk

Is money too tight to mention? Jasmine Birtles suggests some ways to earn extra readies in your lunchtime

A finger hits the pound sign key of a computer keyboard
Use your time online to make money. Photograph: Corbis

1. Get paid to surf the net

You surf the net all the time so why not make money every time you click on "search"? Yahoo powers searches which pay a small amount every time you run one – it is willing to do so because it wants to break down Google's domination. There is a search at Moneymagpiesearch.com. If you recommend your friends you will also make commission on their searches. The payments are small but we know people who have made around £30 in two months by searching regularly. You can choose whether you receive your money through PayPal or by bank transfer.

2. Take part in online surveys

Again, this is pocket money while you're on the internet, but it can be fun too. It is simply a case of answering questions about a particular product or company, or about your shopping habits. Be careful which surveys you use – some are fraudulent. Among the best of the genuine ones is panelbase.net, which will pay between 50p and £3 a survey, Valued Opinions, which pays between £1 and £5 a survey, and Ciao-surveys.co.uk, which pays up to £5.

3. Get paid for social networking

You can make money by keeping in touch with friends, and making more friends, on social networking site Yuwie. Set up a profile, write a blog, upload photos and videos and do what you usually do with any networking site. The difference with Yuwie is that it pays you to do all these things using advertising revenue. The amount you get paid depends on the number of times you and your friends view your pages. If you have lots of friends the views mount up and you can make some worthwhile cash.

4. Recycle your mobile

Have you got a useless old mobile in your desk drawer? Most of us have at least one hanging around the office or house, so make money from yours. Send it to Mopay and make between £2.50 and £200 depending on its make and condition. Even rubbishy old battered models can be worth a few quid if they can be sold on for spare parts.

5. Sell adverts on your blog

If you are a regular blogger and have built up a bit of a following, you could make money selling advertising around your posts. You can make cash quickly by putting Google Adsense on it. If you get enough traffic you make money every time people click on the ads. Blogs are also great for selling any products you have, promoting your services (it could be anything from sales training to web development or maternity care) and selling eBooks you have created yourself.

6. Sell your photos

If you have a nice collection of digital photos you could sell them over and over again through online agencies. Send them in to one or more agencies and any they like they will upload to the site. When people buy them you get a commission; you could end up getting paid for years to come. Picturenation say many of their photographers make hundreds of pounds a month, and some are simply good amateurs. Also try Fotolia and iStockphoto.

7. Rent out your stuff

Everyone knows about selling stuff on eBay, but how about renting it and making money over and over again? Sites like RentNotBuy.co.uk and RentRino will let you advertise anything from a baby bath to a ball gown. It is a new phenomenon, so it could be a while before anyone rents your power tools or your DVD player, but if you have a spare minute upload your details and later on you could make some regular cash.

8. Complain to gain

We don't complain enough in this country, which is one of the reasons why service can be so bad. However, those who complain constructively have worked out they can even make money through it. A well-crafted, reasonable letter including a request for financial compensation can make you money. Write to a company's CEO explaining the problem and set out the amount you feel you should receive in compensation. If it is refused write again, and even write a third time if necessary. Usually by the second or third letter they cave in and give you about half of what you were asking for.

9. Answer text questions

If you're a bit of a trivia king or queen you could make money by answering people's text questions. It is flexible work and you just have to be a bit knowledgeable and quick at searching the net (make extra by following point 1 above). On average, question answerers make about £10 an hour. The questions vary enormously: you could get anything from "Where's the nearest pizza place?" to "Who won the 1962 world cup?" and "Will I ever find love?". Visit ansanow or Textperts to see if you are quick enough to be part of their teams of knowledge hunters.

10. Get cashback

If you use your lunch hour to buy essentials, make sure you get paid to do it. Shop around first to find the best deals, then look on cashback sites to see if you could get money back by buying through them. Start with sites that give you instant cash just by signing up, such as Rpoints, which gives you £5, Cashback Shopper, which gives you £5, and ecashback, which gives you £2.50 immediately.
Jasmine Birtles is the founder of Moneymagpie.com and author of The Money Magpie (£8.99, Vermilion). Order the book at www.moneymagpie.com/bookdeal before 2 April and get access to two free eBooks, a free video and a budget tool.


Friday, 15 February 2013

The 3 Most Important Online Marketing Metrics to Monitor

While some people get too wrapped up in monitoring web analytics data such as toolbar PageRank, top 30 rankings and number of daily visitors, there are some crucial metrics to follow and act on in order to improve your website and your search engine rankings.
To get a real sense for how your website is performing, spend your time monitoring things that illustrate successes and failure, such as conversion rates, how many backlinks you've collected and how engaged you visitors are. Here's a look at the three online marketing metrics you'll want to pay close attention to:
1. Conversion rate and goal completion
If you're investing time and money in building a site and expanding your web presence, be sure you're getting something of value in return. Whether your goal is increasing online sales or simply educating website readers about a certain topic, have a method for tracking conversion rates -- the ratio of website visitors who convert from visits into desired actions, such as signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase.
In general, your best tool will be the free Google Analytics, which can track everything from website sales to whitepaper downloads. Another option is an analytics service such as KISSmetrics, which can track metrics across e-commerce, mobile apps, social games and more. Prices start at $29 per month.

2. Backlink profile
Following Google's recent Penguin algorithm update, it's clearer than ever that the quality of the links pointing at your website matters in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). If you don't know what types of links are in your backlink profile, you risk being penalized by the search engines without ever trying to remedy the situation.
To gain a better understanding of the composition of your backlink profile, consider using a service such as Majestic SEO (plans start at $49. 99/month) or the Open Site Explorer ($99/month, following a free trial). Although you can get some information from Google's and Bing's Webmaster Tools programs, you won't get the full picture unless you pay for a third-party SEO tool.
Once you've accessed your backlink profile, here are a few things you'll want to look for:
  • Are there any "bad neighborhood" links pointing at your website? Bad neighborhood links include pornography, gambling and other questionable sites.
  • Do your backlinks use varied, natural sounding anchor text? If you've carried out optimized link-building campaigns in the past, your profile may include too high a percentage of keyword-based anchor texts. For example, using SEO keywords such as "Mexico best hotel deals" instead of "click here" for your link text. These patterns may indicate over-optimization to the search engines, which may result in future penalties.
  • Do your links come from sites that were built solely for SEO purposes? As the search engine algorithms become more complex, they're increasingly able to detect these websites, which often contain scraped or spun content, basic site designs and no detectable human presence. That can lead to penalties based on perceived manipulation.
If you detect any of these low-quality backlinks pointing at your website, do your best to remove them. Be sure to keep track of your efforts. Webmasters may refuse to respond to your requests to remove their links, but at least you'll have the supporting documentation needed to file a reconsideration request should a search engine penalize you. You can detect such penalties through a loss of traffic or a decrease in your site's natural search results rankings.

In addition, make tracking your backlink profile an ongoing effort. Check in at least once a month to try to prevent penalties before they occur.

3. Visitor engagement
This refers to how much time visitors spend on your site and how much value they see in your content. It can be tracked in a number of ways, including:
  • Average time on site, which should be as high as possible.
  • Bounce rate, which measures the number of visitors who don't navigate beyond the first page of your website that they land on. It should be lower than 50 percent.
  • Average pages per visit, which should also be as high as possible.
  • Number of social media shares, which should be high in order to demonstrate that visitors find enough value in your content to share it with friends.
Visitor engagement is important because of the potential business gains from providing customers with an engaging on-site experience. But many of the metrics described above also increasingly figure into search engine rankings, giving your site an SEO boost.
If your visitor engagement metrics aren't as strong as they should be, isolate and improve your site's weaker areas. It may seem like extra work, but the payoff in increased conversions and higher search engine rankings can be well worth it.

Introduction To Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing
The continuous and rapid revolution in the advancement of modern era has made every thing so comfortable for everyone and that is the reason why most of the people are fancy to use Internet because of its reliability, speed & performance. Along with message delivering through e-mail, seeking information through searching and browsing, a lot of people are using Internet for online shopping or ecommerce, which have evolved the field of Internet marketing and internet marketing exporters have found an proficient way to find their potential customers.

"The dot.com world was about coming up with an interesting idea and finding unknowledgeable investors to throw at them. But we are now back to live in the practical world, where technology can provide business with an edge over their competition" (Richard Greenwood)

Marketing is actually the craft of connecting different producers (or potential producers) of product or service with prospects, both existing and potential. Marketers basically use four variables while writing marketing plans and making market strategies. They are sometimes referred to as the four P's (which are Project, process, people & product). The combination of these variables is referred as Marketing Mix. A marketing mix is the combination of these four variables in a way that will meet or improve organizational objectives. A separate marketing mix is usually crafted for each product offering. Whenever a strategies or plans are build it engages a blend of these four combinations. A strategy of selling expensive beneficial products in discount stores has poor coherency between distribution and product offering.

Drawbacks of Internet Marketing The actual size of the market is usually not available Difficult to get demography and penetration figures Coverage is not consistent There can be lack of authority There is no certain control, which causes lack or reliability

Benefits of Internet marketing · Easy, less expensive and comfortable access to the information · Most of the information is free · There are numerous web sites available through which the required subject can be covered efficiently. · Contains a lot of background information · Information can be found in a very short time · Has a broad geographic scope · Briskly improving and increasing · Many companies are interested to add their own web pages

Non-stopping development of business online has also augmented the field of online marketing. Before starting any business the most important element, which have the most considerable influence of the success or failure of the business is the initial business idea. For the success of any business there must be a proper business idea along with appropriate techniques to run the business accordingly.

The precise approach towards the Business The business plan for any organization consist of three main parts which are
1. Product
2. Targeted Market
3. Unique Selling proposition (USP)
Product The product is any thing for which you are going to charge your customers. These are the things which you are selling and it can be any thing like books, e-books, electronic items, software to download, it can also be a membership of any online community, a professional service, or any thing else which you are interested to sale. The 'value' of the product is its most valuable feature. The product you are selling should have the following characteristics · It should be beneficial for the customers · It should be good enough to solve the customer's problems · Full fill their requirements · The product should satisfy the customers
Targeted Market The Targeted market for any business is the audience and the customers to whom the product is being sold.
Even if their analytics provider doesn't partner with a search or e-mail provider, many marketers are now using their Web analytics package to make decisions about their overall marketing plan-and their business in general. (Karen J. Bannan)

Following are some essential points to keep in mind while selecting the targeted audience · The targeted market should have an appropriate size · It should be large enough to generate a good profit · It should be small enough to fit in the total resources of the business · If the business is small then it should avoid contending with comparatively large business · The targeted audience should be easily reachable on the internet through the particular websites.

USP (Unique Selling Proposition) The USP is basically the market strategy or the motive of the business through which the corporation is connected with the targeted market. It is the most important part of the business idea in which the corporation decides how to persuade the customers and letting them know that how our product is different from any other item on the shelf waiting to be sold. It should influence the customers and provide them with the reasons that why our product is the best solution for their requirements. When we talk about the profit margin, then it may not necessarily be the financial profit only; there can also be many side advantages, which are essential for running the business smoothly.

Establishing your business on Internet Nowadays Internet is not just a source to get information but it is also a very effective place to run you business. Many people are doing their business on internet and even more people are willing to join them. But unfortunately all of them do not get success and there are also many dot-bombs or fail e-commerce startups. This is because of the lack of awareness about the self-education before starting the business.

The best thing about establishing an internet business is that, there is no big investment required to start an e-business, so if the business is don't in a proper way so you can get a good profit without investing too much.

Understanding of Customers For the progress of any business, it is essential to have a good understanding of the customers. This issue becomes even more vital when we talk about the online business, where we mostly have no idea about the customers.

Due to this fact, large corporations are spending millions of dollars on marketing research to get as many information as possible about their customers, which allows them to improve their product and make them according to the appropriate requirement of the customers. Although this research is help full but if the business is so this expense can be avoided. "They will try to replicate the in-store experience on many levels, developing applications that enable users to see how something will look on someone. The challenge is to develop applications that simulate the in-store experience while still maintaining the speed, convenience and efficiency of the Internet" (Speicher, GCI) It is important to have a sound knowledge of different ways by which customers buy their products. Few points are important in this regard

· Vendors should design their offerings to meet the appropriate needs of their customers. · Venders can persuade buyers at decisive steps during the buying process. · Venders can provide the additional offers for further business.

Trends & Strategies to boost sale in Internet Marketing
Vivid Word Pictures When developing the advertisement of your product, web pages or other or other sales tools, some vivid word pictures should be used to give a pleasant feeling to the customers. It exaggerates their desire to have it and prompt them to buy the product.
Use of appropriate advertising and marketing methods There should be a continuous observation to the advertising and marketing method of the business which ensure the use of latest advertising methods and some old methods which have not been tried.
" eBay says it reaches 56.1 million active users. The obvious drawback: A vast majority of those users aren't in the real estate market. But to reach those who are, eBay is a tool--like direct mail or news-paper advertising--that some practitioners are using to market listings, drive traffic to their Web sites, and attract new prospects."

Cost of the ads If there are some ads allied with any business then it should be carefully examined that if the size of the ads is bigger then it should be reduced to run more ads for the same cost.
Some times the short ads can provide even more response then longer ads and can provide with a bigger return of the cost.

Postcards advertisements There can also be another effective way of advertising by printing a good small ad on a postcard and then send it to the targeted market. People often read postcards if the message is nice and short. This small ad on a postcard can be very effective at times and can make a very rapid change on the sale of the products.

Inspiring words & phrases Lively words and phrases in the advertisements and sales copies make people interested in the product. Try to find some dull sentences and replace them with some active and lively words to obtain the involvement of the prospects.

Eradicate the fear of lost In the manner of revealing the benefits of your product to the customers the other important aspect is to tell them what they lose if they do not buy that specific product. Consumers want any product because of the benefits it offers and on the other hand if they have been told the downside of not buying the product so it will persuade them even more for purchasing that product.

Use of surprise strategies To remove the last minute hesitation, any surprise or pleasant announcements regarding the product also helps influencing the customers to buy the product. The surprise can be any unexpected bonus or additional benefits just before the completion of concluding action of the sale.

Use of special packages For getting a boost in any business the vendors can also introduce some special packages, which combines two or more related items and set a lower prize as compare to each item. These sorts of packages leave a good impact on discount hunters and procrastinators.
Promoting the business sales to new prospects and existing customers Every business always hunts for new customers for intend of improving their sales. But the auction from the existing customers of the business should not be overlooked. It is much easier to get further business from them rather then depending on new prospects. Additional benefits, products and services should be offered to the current customers to get more sales from them.

"As a result of our exposure on eBay, we can attribute two sales, one listing, approximately three good prospects per month, and about 700 visitors per day to our Web site," (Christopher Walker)
Receiving appreciation from the customers is always good for the motivation of any business. The same sort of respond should be provided for such customers, which induce them to do more business.
Hype the product by the help of customers Often the existing customers of your business can be an important asset for capturing a better market of your product. Incentives can be provided to the customers to let them introduce your products to their friends. Assistance from them can increase the sale of the business in a great deal with out wasting much of the money in ads.
Internet Marketing Through E-mails Email marketing is one of the most influential marketing tools accessible to businesses of all sorts and sizes. No matter how you define success, you can achieve outstanding results with Email marketing while investing only a small amount of time and an even smaller amount of money.

"54% of small businesses surveyed rated Email as the top online promotion to drive site visitors and customers to their web sites and storefronts." (Experts of small business) Following are the key benefits of Email marketing
1. Economical Email marketing is a reasonable & affordable way to stretch a limited marketing budget. Unlike direct mail, there is virtually no production, materials or postage expense.
"This information has been only available to big businesses who had research and marketing departments, companies like American Express, Now any business can have it." (Bill Chasse)
2. Effectiveness Email marketing allows active communication with existing customers and prospects instead of passively waiting for them to return to your web site or storefront. Emails can easily be targeted by source, interest, or list. In general, Email communications sent to the prospect and customer lists, and it improves the ROI of all lead generation and customer relation programs, single-handedly.
3. Instantaneous response Email marketing has two great advantages over other marketing vehicles. First, with the existing and easily obtainable self-service tools, anyone can generate and send compelling Email newsletters, promotions, announcements or more in hours or days. No agency or production time is necessary to create and send professional communications. Second, Email marketing generates an instantaneous response. The call to action is apparent: "Click here to take advantage of this offer", or "to learn more about this service", or to "attend this event".
4. Quantifiable results Unlike other vehicles for marketing, results from Email campaigns are easily measured. Results are reported in terms of "opens", which report the number of people saw your offer or newsletters, Click Through Rates (CTRs), which measure how many people actually clicked on the links in your Email, and in a many cases, who actually clicked on those links.
5. Uncomplicated For small and medium business there are web-based Email marketing products. Most of them include professional HTML templates, list segmentation and targeting capabilities, as well as, automatic tracking and reporting. So, you are free to concentrate on your unique message while the rest has already been done.
Conclusion and Evaluation Internet marketing is no doubt the most effective and efficient mode of communication with the customers and prospects. But unfortunately in some of the developing countries the scope of Internet marketing is not so wide because organizations still relay a lot on advertising through the other channels, as a result spending a lot on conventional marketing.
Apart from some of the developing countries most organizations around the world have found the Internet marketing as the most easy, cost effective and efficient way of marketing.
Alex Martin works as a staff writer for TermPapersCorner,Inc. Term Papers Corner Provide high quality custom term paper, custom essay, college term paper and thesis writing service to students and professionals. We are currently having a writing competition visit Writing Contest 2005

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