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Thursday, 6 June 2013

How to Build an Active List Using Social Media

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Social media and e-mail marketing are two powerful business tools and, if you bring them together, you could greatly improve your marketing response. It was once thought that social media might replace e-mail as a marketing medium, but people soon began to realize combining the two could bring greater results for their marketing efforts.
Social media marketing and e-mail marketing are similar in that they both give you the opportunity to build relationships with your subscribers and/or followers.
As we know, building relationships is the foundation of a successful business.
But how do we most effectively combine the two power tools to achieve the desired outcome?
Below are some tips and ideas on how to use social media to build a strong, active and profitable e-mail list.

1. Subscription Form — Be sure to add subscription forms when possible to your social pages. Make it as easy as possible for people to sign up.

2. Incentive for Subscribing — Always offer people an incentive for subscribing to your mailing list. A free report, free eBook or gift of some sort will help guide and encourage people to sign up for your newsletter.

3. Interact with Your Social Contacts — Always respond promptly to comments, questions and likes. Ask for people’s opinions and ideas. Making people feel important and appreciated will go a long way.

4. Post Teasers — Post little teasers for upcoming issues such as “Coming tomorrow,” or “Releasing soon.” Snippets like this will heighten anticipation and generate more interest in your newsletter.

5. Sample Issues — Let your followers know they can read a sample issue. Post and tweet links to one of your best issues. Do this on a regular basis, not just once.

6. Has Been Sent Notification — Let your followers know when your newsletter has been sent. Announce this to your network as well.

7. Social Link Access — To establish the connection between e-mail and social media be sure to publish your social links in your newsletter. You want to connect your e-mail with your social pages as much as possible.

8. Host Events — Host regular events on your Facebook page and other social sites to increase awareness and interest for your newsletter. Offer exclusive gifts and incentives for people attending your event to subscribe to your newsletter.

9. Games and Prizes — Run a weekly contest or game in your newsletter and offer a prize. Keep your followers and fans posted on this game as well to get their attention focused on your newsletter.

10. Read More Link — Post helpful content on your social pages and add a quick subscribe link with a “Read more helpful information here.” Let your network know your newsletter contains useful information and resources.

Developing a deep connection with your social sites and mailing list can have a substantial effect on your business success. Use the ideas above but also try to expand on them to come up with more fun and creative ways to get your social network interested in and signed up for your e-mail list.
Always be raising awareness of your mailing list and what you have to offer. You cannot assume people from your social sites will go visit your business site so bring the best of your business to them!


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

6 Must Read Internet Marketing Articles

I wanted to share 6 resources including articles that I have found personally useful to my success making money online. I hope you will take the time to review these and share your favorite marketing articles below in the comment section.
#1) Google’s Own Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide
As you know search engine optimization can be an important way to get free website visitors. The problem is that it can be hit or miss, and a difficult thing to completely understand. Even though you can’t rely completley on SEO as your only traffic source I still advise you to at least make sure you have the basics implemented on your site.
Google has actually created their own Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide as a PDF that you can download and read at your convenience.
Click Here for Google’s SEO Starter Guide PDF
To further enhance the SEO you do moving forward make sure you are using social sharing buttons on your site. These are links that visitors can click on to share the content on your site to Facebook, TWitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.
If you are using WordPress you can use the Digg Digg plugin or for your static HTML or PHP sites you can use the sharing options available at www.AddThis.com. They also have a WordPress plgin you can use.
addthis-socialsharingThe key to good SEO is having good content that is good for your users, and that will lead to shares and potential backlinks for your content.

#2) Get The Inside Scoop On Joint Ventures
ericstipsArguably the fastest and most targeted source of website traffic will come from joint venture partners. These are people in your niche market that have email lists that can promote for you. Eric Holmlund of Eric’s Tips lays out in detail the process he goes through to get joint venture partners.
Eric knows his stuff about this topic and he has made millions in the process because of joint venture partners. He is one of the most qualified people in the industry to talk about this topic. I am also proud to say Eric is a good friend and business partner with myself and Jeff Wellman in the Real Coaching Club.
If there is any lesson you take to heart it is this one on joint ventures.
Click Here For Eric’s Joint Venture Lesson

#3) Make Your website Work Across Multiple Devices
Learn how to build a website that works on all devices from smartphones, to laptops, to tablets, TVs, and more. With changing technologies more and more people are accessing the web away from their desktop computers or laptops for that matter.
It is more important than ever before to ensure you have a site that works across all platforms. This article will help you learn the basics of multi-device websites, teach you how to test your current website, and further assist with the building of a multi-device website.
This is a collection of articles from Google’s new Think Insights. You can get full articles and case studies here to ensure you are on top of the trends with mobile site optimization, and how this plays into your marketing efforts.

#4) How To Make $1,000,000 Per Month With Digital Products

This is by far the best interview I have ever read on the topic of making money with digital products. Even though this interview was done about 2 years ago it is still extremely relevant today, and this is some awesome evergreen content on the topic of information marketing. Mike Greary who is famous for his course on Clickbank called ebook_cover_medium“The Truth About Abs” reveals deep insights into how he has taken this one digital product and transformed it into an enterprise that is generating over $1,000,000 in sales each and every month!
You also can’t go wrong with the interviewer which is Tim Ferriss.

Click Here To Read The Interview With Mike Greary

#5) 10 Lessons From A 100K Pageview Post

This article gives you a behind the scenes look at how the author had a single blog post get over 100,000 views! You can glean a lot of insight into how to create content for your blog so you increase the shares, traffic, and exposure for your website online.
Creating content like he lays out is exactly what the search engines are looking for. Use his insights as a guide for your next blog post, and you should see some great results!
Click Here To Read This Article

#6) What To Expect In SEO The Coming Months

Anyone remotely interested in getting free, targeted traffic from Google or other search engines through search engine optimization should watch this recent video from Matt Cutts who works at Google.

He provides some of the top information out there, and gives you insights that only a Google employee can. You can click here to go to his blog post.